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Real estate agencies should mostly be able to focus on their usual real estate duties as per usual, such as purchase and sales advisory and property management.

Mortgage brokers should mostly be able to focus on helping their investor and home buyer clients to meet their respective equity/deposit requirements under the Assquire system (as they would for traditional mortgages available from banks and other lenders), and supplying their clients with the best available rates and terms for conventional mortgages in the market, both fixed and variable:

  1. For use by would be Assquire investors in financing a property purchase, or bringing a currently owned property within the Assquire criteria; or
  2. For comparison by would be home buyers (or their independent financial advisers – and with added information from their legal advisers) of traditional mortgage offerings to Mortgage Alternative home buying.

These are important facts to be added to the factual information on the Assquire system that Haigslea Residential Limited can supply applicants as part of the Assquire Application Process, and the opinions to be provided by appropriately qualified and independent legal, tax, accounting and financial advisers will ensure that all of the relevant questions are asked and answered, for everyone’s peace of mind.

Vendors wishing to sell their property to Assquire investors on normal settlement terms can go to Become a Seller at

Most other suppliers and advisers to investors or home buyers will find a useful suggestions chart here on how Assquire investors might choose to engage with their advisers to assist them in either finding the right property, getting the best rates and terms, or other relevant advice from an independent and appropriately qualified party.

Suppliers like mortgage brokers, real estate agents, building inspectors, valuers and builders with relevant services to offer our clients and customers or with stock to sell to Assquire investors and MA home buyers, and whom are interested in being involved in Assquire’s mutual sales prospects for their own product can seek further information on how to engage with Haigslea Residential Limited to learn more about the Assquire system criteria in the “More” section of at