Please complete the web form below if you are interested in applying for a Mortgage Alternative home.

There are two types of homes available to MA buyers on this website:

  1. Homes for sale by Assquire investors right now are listed at our Buyers page.
  2. If you see nothing available for sale there that you like, or they have all been sold, you can still Apply to be priority waitlisted for one of the homes listed for sale to an Assquire investor. In these cases, you just need to be patient and hope that your interest in living in that home can be matched with the interest of an Assquire investor in first buying that same home and re-selling and leasing it to you under the Assquire system.Assquire is about matching the interests of investors and home buyers, and by expressing interest in a particular home in category 2 above and prequalifying for it, you lower the vacancy risk to an Assquire investor buyer, so it’s good to apply early. There are no guarantees, but it is a first come first served waitlisting that we offer in good faith. The ultimate selling decision is, of course, one for the seller. You will also be able to understand what maximum home value you will qualify for.

The more information that you can supply on this application form, the more likely it is that you will be selected to proceed, as this information will significantly improve our ability to assess your eligibility for Mortgage Alternative and being matched under the Assquire system to an Assquire investor. Please view our Privacy Statement. Applications received will be credit-assessed to the same level of detail as a standard mortgage application with a bank.

Please note that we are only seeking MA buyer customers from Southeast Queensland at this stage – so don’t delay! Customers with good credit assessments will be priority wait-listed for future approved homes as part of the broader launch of Mortgage Alternative. Assquire investors will naturally prefer credit approved MA buyers.