Current Landlord Properties Only – Comparison Pre-Application for Investors

We understand that as Assquire® is a new way to invest, not all investors will be sure or confident at first as to the best way to go – whether switching to Assquire® investing is best for them or whether continuing with the traditional rental model at lower monthly rents is best.

And some landlords have more time than others to decide, before the expiry of their current lease.

There are many uncertainties with future capital growth in the current rental model, and Assquire® offers higher faster monthly returns than traditional renting, so that’s a clear, positive timing difference. – and it’s contracted with the Mortgage Alternative (MA) buyer. Not a long dated and uncertain future property price, as occurs under the traditional rental model.

We understand that some investors need more information on the pre-agreed price and higher monthly rents that they would receive on their proposed or current rental property, and so we have developed a pre-application process for investors to help you (and your advisers, if you are not sure) to decide what is best for you.

Sound advice costs money too.

So we recommend you take the pre-application test below and receive our Assquire® Marketing Report (with key Assquire data for you) on your specific property. It’s free, as a service to you, to help you understand. Then consider that or take it to your adviser to crunch the specific numbers for you, based on your particular circumstances.

Or if you know what you want to do after receiving this report,  you can proceed with more confidence and apply at the Become an Investor page.

That full application is free to lodge, and will give you a conditional approval, if your application proceeds.

The Assquire® system requires 30% equity in the property at current values to qualify.

So if you’re not quite there yet, hold off applying until you get advice to help you get your loan to value ratio down first, so you can achieve these higher faster monthly returns!

Unfortunately, not every investor is appropriate to match to an MA buyer.

Existing Property Comparison Application

  • Insert in the box above the estimated Market Value of your property that you wish to consider receiving higher monthly rents information and a pre-agreed ten year sales price for straight away, to help you to decide whether to apply. Remember you need at least 30% equity in that property.
    Which of the above categories best describes your potential interest in Assquire investing to achieve higher faster monthly returns? Further information for retirees, downsizers and those considering Rentvesting and wanting to compare it to their new choices under the Assquire system can be found under the Assquire Application Process menu on this website. See Retirees and Downsizers and Rentvestors
  • Please specify the type of investor you are and how we might be able to assist you
  • Please note that we can only currently accept properties in South East Queensland. Please come back later, if your wishing to use Assquire somewhere else in Australia.
  • Thank you for providing your contact details above and an indication of the current market value of your investment property or other property that you may wish to sell and lease under the Assquire system. By providing this information, we can readily provide you with some of the key information that you will require to help with any decision to switch to Assquire - such as the pre-agreed ten year selling price, the amount of higher monthly rents you will receive and other amounts you will receive monthly in relation to the sale on deferred settlement terms.