Rentvestors are often people who consider themselves unable or not willing to make certain lifestyle compromises, and who have saved enough to qualify for owning an investment property they can rent out to meet monthly mortgage repayments and property ownership costs, whilst renting in a preferred location.

Often but not always, that preferred living location (where they rent) is closer to work or their lifestyle options (cafe scene; restaurants, city, beach, country etc).

In the case of inner city locations, Rentvestors often see Rentvesting as the affordable option.

If this describes you, the last of the types of investor classifications on our pre-application form at is you.

Some, but not all, might describe their situation as follows:

I’ve given up on ever being able to buy a place of my own where I WANT to live, because it is too expensive, but I do believe that residential property prices will rise in future.

I think my parents would/might be more inclined to assist me into property ownership, and especially using Assquire, assist me with the 30% deposit by maybe co-investing in a rental property with me to allow me or us to Rentvest (alone or together).

They may even be more comfortable with that, and I might be too, as I’m not sure I want to commit to 6-10 years as an owner occupier using Mortgage Alternative, as I may want to travel overseas in the next few years or work interstate, so MA might not suit my circumstances.

So Rentvesting could be a preferred option collectively for me and one or both of my parents or grandparents or me and a sibling.

Receiving higher monthly returns under Assquire that more than covered the 70% mortgage might also give us a better buffer against future interest rate hikes.

So I think us becoming joint Assquire investors is worth exploring, and I’d like more information for a property worth how much? Ah yes, that is why I need to fill in the form at I get it now!