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Why we are in business View here – to deliver lasting legacies to enrich families & communities by creating a sustainable future where housing affordability is less of an issue. Published March 20, 2019

LinkedIn video 4 – View here – explaining how the housing model is broken, referencing the 2013 research report to Government from the Australian Housing & Urban Research Institute (AHURI). Without innovation like Assquire & Mortgage Alternative, more and more middle aged people over the next 20 years are destined to retire renting and likely be unable to afford rents as their employment incomes diminish. Published March 10, 2019

LinkedIn video post 3 View here – explaining how Assquire “cracks the nut” to bringing high yields on residential property to the institutional superannuation funds. Published March 8, 2019

LinkedIn video post 2 View here – explaining  why prime customer above median income home buyers will pay much higher rents to Assquire investors in a “fair trade” of future capital growth they are effectively buying over time, to get access to where they really want to live sooner. Published March 6, 2019 

LinkedIn video post 1  – View here explaining why we created Assquire for investors and Mortgage Alternative home buying for home buyers (as a pre-mortgage alternative purchasing system) and the purpose & benefits to each party & to the community. For 829 years, there has never been any other way of buying a home, other than via a mortgage. Published March 4, 2019

Company news

Halving deposits for owner occupier home buyers is what we do by doing things differently & doing them better. Published 15 March 2019 View here.

LinkedIn post detailing the pathway for sales agents of established homes and sales channels of builders to sell more listings/stock by using the assquire product to bring more investor buyers back into declining markets. Published 16 March 2019 – View here

For self funded retirees & Self Managed Super Funds worried about Negative Gearing, CGT & Refundable Franking Credit Changes – Your Assquire investing solution!

-This post explains why investors, including self funded retirees and many SMSF’s, need not worry about the refundable franking credit changes if Labour is elected, as Assquire investing’s 40-60% higher monthly yields are a stable, predictable contracted annuity stream with a buyer – including one that could be your grandchildren or children (or cousin of such). Published April 16, 2019 – View here

– This post explains how an Assquire investor’s returns over 6 years could be over double those of a conventional landlord, if capital growth per annum over the next 6 years does not deliver more than average 2.5% pa. Published April 29, 2019. View here to see why you don’t want to risk staying a conventional landlord when it’s easy to switch to Assquire? 

This post explains why Assquire investors earning far higher monthly rents mostly aren’t negatively geared at all (as opposed to 60% of conventional investors gaining the usual realtively lower rents being negatively geared). It also explains why Mortgage Alternative home buyers much lower up front deposit requirements will bring more home buyers into the market to replace any negatively geared investor buyers of established homes. Published May 1, 2019 – View here on why negative gearing is largely irrelevant to Assquire and MA.

Assquire Family

– launched 13 March 2019 – View here

-Further post explaining how adult children or grandchildren can now afford suburbs and home styles that they previously thought were out of reach. We’re talking buyers being able to afford homes or units around $499,000 instead of $280,000 to $320,000. Or being able to afford $300,000 instead of renting. Or being able to afford homes over $150,000 more than what they can afford today at higher price points. Published March 18, 2019 – view here

– Video post – explaining how to keep the money in the family, to smash the barriers to home ownership for our children much faster, speed of money concepts for parent & grandparent investment returns & turning the capital growth vs rental return upside down. Published March 22, 2019 – View here

– Post number 6 on Assquire Family: How Sales Agents & Builders can mobilise to help families to use Assquire Family to really scale this up to benefit thousands of families nationally. Published March 25, 2019 – View here

– Post number 7 on Assquire Family: Parents or Friends wanting to help their adult children or grandchildren or close friends who are “family” to them to get a home of their own in an exciting new way and without the usual headaches. Published March 26, 2019 – View here

– LinkedIn video post 5 – This post explains how parents can buy a home their children or grandchildren can afford, but for the usual 10% deposit requirement, then immediately resell and lease it over an extended period of six to ten years, during which the parents or grandparents who purchased the home (&remain on title) receive the higher rents, keeping the money in the family. It could save you children $60,000 or more in dead money in rent over the next three years, plus up to $17,000 in mortgage insurance. Published April 15, 2019 – View here

– Post number 10 on Assquire Family: Announcing Haigslea Residential’s role as the agent of the Assquire investor with exclusive rights to Assquire and its $300,000 giveaway to the first 100 families in SE Queensland to take up the offer made to be educated one on one for an hour by the Founder and use Assquire Family before 31 December 2019. No other real estate agency can offer families this sort of benefit in almost halving their children’s or grandchildren’s deposit requirement and allow parents to help without going guarantor. Published April 12, 2019 – View here

Post explaining how Assquire Family is the new “bridge to a mortgage” if your qualifying children or grandchildren are renting – accelrating by up to 3 years or more their getting a home of their own, compared to the traditional route of progressing straight from a renting position to a conventional mortgage, without the bridge. Published April 24, 2019 – View here

Post explaining that as a new digital agency, we break with traditional home purchase & rental models so you can earn higher investment returns faster & your kids can generate their own wealth faster through gaining a foot on the property ladder years earlier! We care about your family. Published May 3, 2019. You receive the monthly payments from your kids instead of the banks – View here 

Home Buyer Benefits – A Mortgage Alternative

Your security: Post number 8 on Assquire Family outlines the Mortgage Alternative home buyer’s security during the extended period before settlement with the Assquire investor, using their accumulated equity (typically between 10% and 30% depending on market price performance and whether the home buyer elects to settle earlier than the maximum ten years or not). Both buyer security interests are registered on title behind any mortgage the Assquire investor’s lender holds (if any). These security interests apply for buyers, whether their Assquire investor is a family member or not. Published March 29, 2019 – View here

Your upfront cash required to qualify: Post number 9 on Assquire Family explains for Mortgage Alternative home buyers (who purchase & lease from an Assquire investor at pre-agreed price and monthly rents) how stamp duty (if any) is included in the much lower up front cash contribution. No need for home buyers to find these funds also, which is great where one or more of the buyers are not first home buyers. Published March 31, 2019 – View here 

How Assquire Reveals & Identifies the Impact of the “Maternity Ticking Time Bomb” – for each child you have before buying a home, deduct around $80,000 from your purchasing power. Mortgage Alternative, by almost halving deposit requirements in many cases, can add well over that to your purchasing power and home location choice, if you credit qualify. Published April 19, 2019 – View here

Community Benefits

LinkedIn post posing the question on Build to Rent (BTR) versus institutional investment in Assquire’s closed end Mortgage Alternative Residential Receivables Funds (or MARF’s) and contextualising the two, from an investor return perspective. Also posing the question of whether many wish to give up on the Great Australian Dream – Posted 31 March 2019 – View here

LinkedIn post emphasising the need for self managed super funds and other investors to ethically invest using Assquire to increase Australian jobs and maximise the Australian tax revenues for all Australians, whilst still generating after tax returns of 7% to 12% pa for Assquire investors, 22 December 2018 – View here

LinkedIn post on the Haigslea Foundation for the Homeless, 22 December 2018 View here

View here the LinkedIn post explaining the reasons why continued full negative gearing may be criticised for funding speculation by the most highly geared investors (~90% borrowings, to the extent they invest in affordable suburbs) or for funding investors to buy properties elsewhere at lower gearing (~60-90% borrowings, to the extent they invest in well heeled suburbs – in which case this does nothing to assist renters who are struggling Aussie battlers, as they can’t easily afford those suburbs. Published April 26, 2019.

Other Media

Full page promotion in The Queensland Times, 6 October 2018 – View here

Full page promotion in The Queensland Times, 29 September 2018 – View here

Article in – View here

Article in Your Investment Property Magazine – View here

Media release:  11 September 2017 – View below:

Queensland real estate innovation doubles residential property investor net returns whilst tackling housing affordability and retirement income concerns

A new Australian real estate innovation is shaking up the investment and property industries, turning low residential net property yields for investors (and what was once a bleak retirement for many) into high yielding property investments and more choice for investors.

Developed in Australia and internationally patented, Assquire provides residential property investors with accelerated and higher residential property gross rents, on average 40% to 60% better than conventional gross rents over ten years, often doubling very low net rents. It can be used for both currently rented properties and for newly acquired properties.

Brisbane founder Keith Burchill says Assquire has been designed to combat the usual low net yields that residential property investors are accustomed to, as well as mitigate vacancy risk, property management risk and uncertain future capital growth.

“There is a long-standing myth that residential property investment is all about capital gain. That’s simply no longer the case,” said Mr Burchill. “Assquire is turning the relationship between property investment capital growth and yield on its head and proving that investors can be better off through higher contracted long-term yields.”

“With Australians simply not happy to work until they drop, Assquire is also about positioning retirees better for the future, tackling housing affordability and the deposit gap, and enabling investors and buyers to work together rather than compete against each other for properties,” said Mr Burchill.

Assquire benefits investors of any age, but the returns for semi-retired people and self-funded retirees are even greater than double in many instances. “We’re talking potential returns that are 131% higher than rental returns plus capital growth at an assumed 4.5% per annum average property price growth for the next ten years,” said Mr Burchill. (See Table 1, scenario 6 for detail and various other scenarios at different taxable incomes and settlement periods).

Assquire is aimed at investors who prefer stable and predictable high yields and long-term tenants of up to ten years, rather than relying on low yields now, a series of back to back short-term tenancies with possible rental gaps, and uncertain long-term capital growth.

To benefit from Assquire, investors can utilise an existing residential property or purchase a new property, but must have a minimum 30% equity in the property to potentially qualify. To gain the accelerated higher yields, and up to ten-year tenancies, an investor sells (with a settlement period of up to ten years) their investment property today to a pre-qualified home buyer at a pre-agreed set price. The deferred settlement produces the long term higher rental yields and the investor remains on title until settlement.

Buyers must occupy the property immediately and continue to occupy it until settlement with the investor, with the buyer’s interest secured by a registered lease and other security until settlement. In return for the long settlement and a very reasonable pre-agreed ten-year price, investors receive accelerated higher monthly rents, plus monthly deposit payments from the buyer.

For example, a Queensland investor employed on a good income and selling and leasing their $500,000 investment property could be on average $210 – $257 per week better off (in today’s dollars and after tax) during their leasing period of up to ten years, compared to their landlord position today. (Results vary depending upon the taxable income of the investor. See Table 2 for detail).

“The benefits of Assquire are substantial for both the investor and the buyer. The investor has only one tenant for up to ten years, with no more vacancy periods. In addition, the tenant has a vested interest in keeping the property in good condition, so repairs and maintenance are often reduced.

“The accelerated cash flows enable the investor to buy more, or more valuable, investment properties or to utilise the funds for more pressing needs, rather than hoping for a good enough capital gain in the future. They can also reinvest the excess returns each month in their superannuation, which is simply not possible with an unrealised capital gain. So it’s the perfect way to future-proof your investment returns against possible down turns with higher, stable, contracted rents.”

Buyers don’t lose out, just because investors are gaining.

“This is a great community initiative as it assists buyers into their own homes sooner and more safely. Assquire investors in effect incubate credit worthy buyers into their new or established homes sooner, without any of the typical mortgage worries or upfront mortgage costs like mortgage insurance,” said Mr Burchill.

“Even without long term capital appreciation, a buyer’s monthly deposit payments and a purpose designed savings plan are the foundation stones to their embedded equity to assist them to settle with a mortgage at the end of their lease, should they choose to do so.”

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About Assquire:

Assquire is a patented system that enables residential property investors to swap uncertain future capital growth and low net rents from tenants, with stable, accelerated, higher monthly cash flows today.

Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) is the property investment and management group licensed (by Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd) to deliver Assquire®. HRL is a licenced real estate agency in Queensland (Real Estate Licence No. 3995434).

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