Seeking higher, more stable and predictable returns?

Future proof your investment returns today

Assquire enables residential property investors to swap uncertain future capital growth and low net rents from tenants, with stable, accelerated, higher monthly cash flows today.


Assquire appeals to residential property investors who are prepared to sell (on deferred settlement within ten years) and lease an investment property on special conditions to a pre-qualified buyer at a pre-agreed price, in return for accelerated, higher and stable cash flows.

By forgoing a share of the capital growth you might otherwise have received on selling your investment property in the future, Assquire investors have the ability to earn up to 40% to 60% higher monthly gross rents (after management fees) and an impressive contracted total return, with diversification, little vacancy risk and no development or construction risk.

Imagine earning up to an extra $150-$220 per week on your $500,000 investment!

The buyer purchases your investment property today at a pre-agreed price, on a deferred settlement but immediate occupation basis. The seller remains on title until settlement in up to ten years, with the buyer’s interest secured by a registered lease and other security.

To encourage the buyer to look after your property, an initial deposit (usually around 4.5 to 5%) and ongoing deposit increments are levied monthly and released to you as the seller until the deposit aggregates to 10% of the ten-year purchase price.

The buyer shares in some or all of the future capital growth of the property (above 1.5%) to facilitate their end settlement with you, using a conventional mortgage, their monthly deposit payments and their embedded equity.

Depending on future residential property prices, a buyer gaining some future capital growth may be able to settle with a conventional mortgage and a 20%+ deposit much earlier, possibly even after seven years.

If a buyer chooses to settle early, the seller still receives the full pre-agreed purchase price. In a worst case scenario, if the buyer forfeits under strict exit conditions, the investor keeps all capital growth and deposit instalment payments in addition to the higher monthly yields already received.

If my rental property is at risk of dropping in value, what will be the effect on my Assquire rents over ten years?

It’s easy. If you have already signed an Assquire contract of sale and long term lease with a Mortgage Alternative home buyer, there will be no adverse impact on you if property prices fall. You have contracted and locked your position at the higher value and Assquire rents are set by contract for the duration until settlement.

So in a falling residential property market, the sooner you switch your property to Assquire, the higher your total ten year rental returns will be, as they are based off the Agreed Value you reached with the Mortgage Alternative home buyer.

If Agreed Value should ultimately fall in future as residential property prices fall and home buyers reset what they are 

prepared to pay, Assquire rents for the next (up to) ten years will fall too, representing a substantial opportunity cost that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you as the investor owner.

Example 1: $500,000 market value today but drops to say $450,000: your investor client could be gaining $35,000 in additional 10 year Assquire rents at current higher values if they switch it to Assquire today and sell/lease it for up to ten years to a Mortgage Alternative home buyer.

Example 2: $900,000 market value today but drops to say $850,000: your investor client could be gaining $33,000 in additional 10 year Assquire rents at current higher values if they switch it to Assquire today and sell/lease it for up to ten years to a Mortgage Alternative home buyer.

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A great community initiative

Assquire brings obvious gains for property investors, but just as importantly, helps potential home owners into their own homes sooner. And we’re really proud of that.

Assquire enables investors with a minimum 20% equity in their investment property to cradle or incubate credit worthy home buyers into their new or established home sooner, with lower entry fees and no mortgage insurance up front. It supports home buyers who are credit worthy, working and in a position to afford mortgage payments, but simply don’t have a large enough deposit saved to avoid hefty mortgage insurance. Or prefer this pathway to home ownership.

Buyers buy your property today, with a deferred settlement. It doesn’t remove the need altogether for a mortgage, but incubates the buyer to a conventional mortgage, more safely, at the end of the settlement period. It gives them a great opportunity to accumulate a substantial deposit over up to ten years, with more downside risk protection. It’s a safer, smarter, faster and easier way to home ownership.  Learn more.

I’m busy playing with my puppy. How do I switch my rental to Assquire?

It’s easy. Simply complete your details on our contact us page at and we’ll do the rest!

Other reasons to consider Assquire

You can use an existing property or buy a new one to Assquire

Don’t have a property? Visit our dedicated property listings website for pre-approved properties…


We find the buyers for you

Our buyers, known as Mortgage Alternative Buyers, are pre-qualified owner occupiers, who are credit-checked against strict criteria for your peace of mind 


Or you can bring your own buyer

Assquire is especially popular with parents wanting to help their adult children into a home. Much less risky than being a guarantor on a mortgage


Superior property maintenance

Landlord’s maintenance obligations are handled efficiently and easily for you during the contract period


Long term tenancies = less vacancy risk

Finally, a long term tenant of up to ten years!  Meaning no more gaps between tenancies and lost earnings. Tenants will also have a vested interest in keeping the property in great condition.


No selling delays or hassles

 You sell to a pre-approved, contracted ‘Mortgage Alternative’ Buyer


In the event of a property downturn...

Assquire investors can be up to 30% better off than landlords over 10 years, thanks to the higher monthly Assquire yields


If your circumstances change

You are permitted to exit early from the agreement, to another Assquire investor, under pre-agreed conditions

Learn how to become an Assquire investor

We’ll explain the steps involved so you are ready to go!

Have all the information you need?