Features & Benefits of Assquire® investing

Key Features:

  • All Assquire® investors are subject to a credit assessment and eligibility criteria;
  • Properties must be located in South East Queensland initially (scaling nationally over time);
  • Both newly built and existing properties may be accepted;
  • Properties must be ready for occupancy or state an availability date, if currently tenanted – no development or construction risk to achieve the higher returns;
  • All properties are subject to a building inspection, valuation and risk assessment prior to acceptance;
  • We (Haigslea Residential) act as your selling agent;
  • You can keep your current property manager, or we can manage it for you.
  • Buyer chooses when to settle within 10 years; 
  • Assquire® investors can be individuals, trusts, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) and institutions;
  • The Assquire® investor will have the mortgage (if any) and must meet our equity requirement. Apply here to see if you’d qualify.

Key Benefits:

  • More money in your pocket each month, readily available to spend or invest as you see fit
  • Up to 40-60% higher gross monthly returns than conventional rental yields;
  • Increased stability and certainty of overall investment return;
  • Recession proof your investment return through known contracted monthly cashflows;
  • Secure some capital gains today by a known future settlement price;
  • Reduced vacancy risk through a long term tenant;
  • Less maintenance as tenants are incentivised to look after the property they are buying from you;
  • Mature investors will find it easier to borrow as they have a defined exit strategy by selling to an MA Buyer.


  • Family friendly – a better, safer way to get the kids or grandkids started (if they Assquire® from you as an Assquire investor) [1]
  • Positive cash flow – a much higher and safer monthly yield than conventional rent
  • Higher returns through accelerated cash flows and by securing the FIRST 1.5% pa of capital growth – balance to MA occupant/purchaser [2]
  • Greater protection from recessionary conditions for your property investment return [3]     
  • Less vacancy risk – because the MA Buyer is making monthly deposit increments on top of the initial deposit paid, has a registered lease to occupy for up to ten years, and would lose any capital growth over 1.5%, the buyer is considered less likely to walk or not settle
  • Property price locked in – the MA buyer has the right to settle early if they so choose, but must still pay the ten year pre-agreed price to the investor if they wish to settle.
  • Quality occupants with a vested interest in looking after your property – an MA buyer is more likely to look after the property for the next ten years, as they are buying it today on extended settlement terms (again subject to the MA buyer’s contracted but limited exit rights)
  • Better exit
    • no more marketing/advertising fees on exit – the MA Buyer is embedded;
    • more certainty of timing of sale through defined final settlement date and Take Back event triggers and terms in the contract;
    • less concerns about not being able to sell in future – the property has already been sold to the MA buyer;
    • more certainty of sales price – Purchase Price methodology is pre-agreed up front at date of contract.

Interested in becoming an Assquire® investor?

Apply Here

[1] Note: Investors on-selling to MA buyers on high yield, deferred settlement terms  under this Assquire® system do so by appointing HRL (Qld real estate licence 3995434) to sell their property. See “Become an Investor” to register to see if you would be accepted as an Approved Seller. For the form of agency agreement under the Property Occupations Act 2014 click here.

[2] Assuming the MA buyer settles the purchase and does not hand the property back to you. But if they do, you keep all the capital growth and have $ in the bank to do it all again.

[3] HRL’s financial projections show that should future property price growth only achieve 3% pa, an investor is up to 30% better off than letting the property over ten years to conventional tenants.