There are 3 types of applicants that we see:

1. Families:
– see our Assquire Family page for how the parents or grandparents or other extended family members (as the Assquire investors) purchase the home their children or grandchildren want to live in and qualify for (as Mortgage Alternative home buyers). It’s a great way to save the extended family over $100,000 per family home buyer child or grandchild and makes a whole lot of sense.
– to give you some guidance on how to approach your investor and home buyer applications as a family and what to do first, go to our “Using Assquire in Families” page here.

2. Assquire investors:

– see below under the heading “Assquire investors” for how to apply
– a much wider category not involving a “Family” application. Just investors either wanting to buy for great returns for themselves (and hopefully community minded and wanting to help Mortgage Alternative home buyer families who don’t have parents or grandparents in a position to help them).

3. Mortgage Alternative home buyers:

– a much wider category than the children or grandchildren of those buying with Assquire Family:
– see below under the heading “Mortgage Alternative Buyers” for how to apply.

Assquire Investors

Here is the Application Process for Assquire Investors

The 6 Easy steps to become an Investor

Proceed directly to the Assquire® Investor application form -Apply to Become an Investor Today!

Mortgage Alternative Buyers

Here is the Application Process for Buyers

The 7 easy steps to become a Buyer

Proceed directly to the Mortgage Alternative Buyer application form – Apply to Become an MA Buyer Today!

All Applicants Please Note:

There must be a disclaimer, as your contract is not with us; it is with an investor or a home buyer respectively. So please note the following.

Your attention is specifically drawn to our website terms and conditions, which state (among other things) that readers (including investors and home buyers) should not rely upon any representations made on our websites, in marketing materials or in any discussions with HRL staff or HRL’s distribution channels, as the terms of the seller’s actual sales contracts will prevail and may differ. No reliance should be made on any materials on this website, in making your final decision to buy and lease the property. We encourage you to obtain your own independent legal and financial advice either before or after you receive final credit approval. Precise timing of you seeking that independent financial advice on the contracts placed before you is up to you.