Become An Investor!

Pocket up to an additional $210-$257 per week in after tax cash flow for a $500,000 property

Should your initial Assquire online application be successful, we will provide you conditional acceptance with an information pack setting out a summary of how the product works and the fees involved. You then seek independent advice as to whether you wish to proceed with a full credit assessment of you, and a property assessment, by Haigslea Residential Limited. This will require an Agency appointment first by law.

Priority consideration

You have the opportunity now in your Assquire application form to elect to receive priority consideration to be matched with any waiting Mortgage Alternative buyers for a vendor’s property.  Click here for details.

Which Adviser Should I see First?

If you are looking for some suggestions on how to navigate the Assquire application process with your mortgage broker, taxation, financial and legal advisers, click on this chart for our suggestions.

Of course, the order in which you seek independent advice and when is completely up to you, but for your own peace of mind, the Assquire system requires that you must get a solicitor’s certificate. This is explained during the application process.

Ready to apply?

If you are ready to apply and agree to and sign our Assquire Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) agency agreement pursuant to the Property Occupations Act (with special conditions unique to Assquire),  please apply now and let us know whether you seek priority waitlisting by ticking the priority box below at the bottom of the form.

Ready to apply means you are organising or about to organise your finance within the relevant Loan to value ratio ceiling (usually 70%;  55% for self managed superannuation funds; special rules for Assquire Family allowing up to 80% for parent to adult child transactions), are speaking with (or ready to speak with) your lender about using Assquire, and/or are ready to (or preparing to) buy a particular property that you wish to Assquire, or have a property already that is available for sale and long term leasing to a Mortgage Alternative home buyer/occupant.

Once you are approved to use Assquire, HRL can then focus on whether the property you have in mind will meet our criteria. Whilst we can perform the process in reverse and approve the property first, you will still need to appoint HRL as your agent first. By suggesting you get your credit assessment first, HRL are seeking to help you avoid incurring building inspector and valuation costs, only to find out later that you may not personally meet our Assquire criteria, or your lender will not approve the use of Assquire. However, the choice is completely yours.

If you do not tick the box below, rest assured that if approved, your Assquire investor application will still be considered behind any priority waitlisted investors, as qualified Mortgage Alternative home buyers arise and are matched to properties they wish to call home.

If you are conditionally approved, we will invoice you for the correct amount (according to whether you priority waitlisted or not) that you will then need to prepay, for your credit application to proceed to credit check and then for our final credit assessment/approval. Our system will credit any priority waitlisting fee you pay against the fees ordinarily deducted, after the MA buyer’s occupation.