Priority Consideration


It is possible that demand from would be Assquire® investors for these accelerated higher returns could exceed our early capacity to service all applicants on a timely basis.

So we have introduced Priority waitlisting as a service for you to opt into or out of, if you prepay fees of $1,900 +GST otherwise payable later in the Assquire® process.

You have the opportunity now, in your Assquire® application form, to elect to receive priority consideration to be matched with any waiting Mortgage Alternative (MA) buyers for a vendor’s property.

Priority consideration still gives you the right to veto a particular property or MA buyer, even if HRL approve them. However, by paying the higher priority waitlist fee of $1,900 plus GST, you receive priority – in date order – over any other waiting Assquire® investors who have not priority waitlisted before you, for any particular property or matched MA home buyer for a particular property.

This fee is a prepayment only (not an additional charge) reducing later fees payable by you during the MA Buyer’s occupancy of the property under the Assquire® contracts with you.

Investors who so elect and pay this fee will receive priority consideration by our company in matching you and your property to any waiting, qualified MA home buyers.

If you do not tick the box below, rest assured that if approved, your Assquirev investor application will still be considered behind any priority waitlisted investors, as qualified MA buyers arise and are matched to properties they wish to call home.

If you are conditionally approved, we will invoice you for the applicable amount (according to whether you priority waitlisted or not) that you will then need to prepay, for your credit application to proceed to credit check and then for our final credit assessment/approval. Our system will credit the priority waitlisting fee you pay against later fees payable (as explained in the Product Specification), after the MA buyer’s occupation and their payment to you of the higher rents.