In our pre-application form for those considering whether or not Assquire® is suited for their current property in SE Queensland, one of the types of investors we service is those exploring their options regarding their principle place of residence, moving and/or downsizing.

This option is for people who may be selling their current principal place of residence to either:

  1. Downsize (say from living in their home in Brisbane and moving to an investment property on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast that they purchased many years ago, have paid off, and will now be moving to as their future principal place of residence; or
  2. Move in with their adult children – perhaps they’re moving into a granny flat adjacent to the principal residence of one of their children, and would like to receive the higher rents each month for the next ten years for either regular reinvestment or for other things that are important priorities to them, like meeting anticipated costs of enhanced lifestyle and travel; or
  3. Retire – perhaps they are moving into a retirement village, and have other liquid assets to meet their accomodation bond, and want to leave their money invested in residential property, but looked after as if it were their own.

In each of these cases, the property owner may not need the proceeds from sale of their current principal place of residence, and may consider the contracted returns from their current property as a more appropriate, convenient and easier investment option for them.

If this is you, tick that box on your pre-application form here and we’ll send you a Report to assist you to decide if Assquire® is appropriate for you.

In your case, if your principal place of residence is exempt from capital gains tax, the returns to you will be even higher than for other Assquire® investors.