A Rentvestor is somebody who purchases an investment property and leases it out to others in favour of renting at another property themselves in the preferred location. In some cases, people will “go in together” to co-invest in a property, choosing to live elsewhere.

Rentvesting may be considered:

  • by those wanting to get a foot on the property ladder, but unable to afford a home in the location of their choice.
  • by siblings or other family members “going in together” to purchase an investment property due to being unable do so so alone, or because they would like to live separately
  • by someone who can afford to purchase an investment property, but works away a lot or wishes to travel overseas and therefore leases it out and lives elsewhere when they are home

How might Assquire® and Mortgage Alternative assist you?

Assquire and Mortgage Alternative can be a better option for investors in producing higher investment returns, while Mortgage Alternative can open up a wider choice of buying options for prospective home buyers.

Here are just a few situations where Assquire® and Mortgage Alternative may be a better option for you than Rentvesting:

I've been looking at Rentvesting as I feel unable to buy a place on my own where I want to live because it's too expensive

If you’re looking to purchase a property to live in but feel that you simply cannot afford to purchase where you would like to live and are instead considering purchasing in another area, leasing it out and remaining renting in your preferable area, Mortgage Alternative home buying may be a better option!

Becoming an MA Buyer may assist you in getting into the suburb of your choice with a lower deposit and no mortgage insurance up front (and possibly never). Click here for information on becoming an MA Buyer.

My parents/grandparents would like to help me to purchase a home or investment property, but are not willing to go guarantor

Depending on whether you are wanting to buy to live in or buy to invest, Assquire® and Mortgage Alternative could be a preferable option for you and your parents or grandparents.

Buying to live in:

Assquire® Family is NOT a guarantor product. Credit worthy parents or grandparents of adult children may be able to use Assquire® to purchase an investment property with 20% equity, and sell and lease the property to their adult child or grandchild using Mortgage Alternative. No more need for family pledges or worrying about possible relationship breakdown, Assquire® Family is the family friendly option.

Click here for more information on how Assquire® Family could benefit you.

Buying to Rentvest

Perhaps your parents or grandparent would/might be inclined to assist you into property ownership and assist with the deposit requirement for Assquire® investing by potentially co-investing in a rental property in your preferred location, to allow you to Rentvest that property (alone or together).

Assquire® investment gross rents are up to 40-60% higher than conventional investment property rents.

Click here for investment case studies.

I work away and travel a lot so I'm interested in buying an investment property to sell and/or lease out

If you are looking at buying a home purely for investment purposes and not to live in it yourself, using the Assquire® system to sell and lease your investment property to an MA buyer could be a better investment option.

Assquire® enables residential property investors to swap uncertain future capital growth and low net rents from tenants, with stable, accelerated, higher monthly cash flows today.

Click here for more information on the features and benefits of Assquire® investing.