Looking to Buy or Trade Up?

How can Assquire® help Home Buyers?

The impact on home buyers depends upon whether you are already in the market with a traditional mortgage, but are looking to trade up, trade down or move…. or whether you are still trying to decide whether to rent, or save up a deposit and buy.

What Does Assquire Mean For Home Buyers Trapped by Mortgage Insurance and Stamp Duty?

For current home buyers, Assquire® is what will provide you with a Mortgage Alternative (or “MA”) Purchase Contract, lease and associated legal documentation to assist you to get out of the trap you may already be in, avoiding another round of lender’s mortgage insurance, stamp duty and a new deposit requirement, which may be trapping you currently in the home you’ve already bought with a traditional mortgage, and which no longer suits your needs.

What Does Assquire Mean For Consumer Home Buyers?

For home buyers, Assquire® is what will provide you with a Mortgage Alternative (or “MA”) Purchase Contract, lease and associated legal documentation to move into your dream home faster and with confidence, and to start enjoying part of any future capital growth in the property – MA is a low deposit, zero debt, non-mortgage based, pre-mortgage alternative purchasing system based on an internationally patented new financing system and with contracts prepared by a leading firm of Australian and indeed global lawyers.

  • Lower up front costs – see Assquire for Buyers for details or apply at Assquire.com.au to see if you may qualify (or what you will need to do to qualify at a later time)
  • Live in your home whilst you save your full deposit for a conventional mortgage
  • Reduce the chances of ever paying loan mortgage insurance[1]
  • Easier to exit if your personal circumstances materially change (subject to Purchase Contract terms)
  • Fixed monthly payments for the entire term disclosed before purchase
  • Savings plan included to help you settle at the end of the term
  • Flexibility to settle early[2]
  • You don’t need a mortgage today to buy a home – Contracts protect the MA Buyer – deposit secured and lease registered
  • Costs similar to a 25 year mortgage + property ownership costs[3]
  • A special Assquire® grant (*see note below) + MA combine to deliver a competitive mortgage position in 8-10 years[4]
  • The Assquire system facilitates speedy resolution of repairs and maintenance issues that are the landlord’s responsibility by law[5]

[1] The only circumstance where lender’s mortgage insurance will be payable is if a property’s 2027 market value at the end of the ten year MA period (or at any earlier settlement time chosen by the MA buyer to settle earlier) is insufficient for the MA buyer to have a 20%+ deposit to gain a conventional mortgage (after taking account of the Assquire® savings plan embedded in your monthly MA payments plus your original 4.5% to 5% up front cash contribution (deposit requirements vary depending upon which State you purchase in and may be higher outside Queensland)). Just like the banks, Haigslea Residential and Mortgage Alternative have no control over future property prices.

[2] no penalty or price adjustment is charged to compensate the Assquire® investor for a early settlement. You simply pay the pre-agreed ten year price early.

[3] On a like for like basis, Assquire® payments are on a fixed formula (subject to limited exceptions set out in the contracts), and indexed by a pre-agreed inflation factor (currently 1.5%pa) which does not alter for the life of the contract.

[4] Individual cases vary based on different assumptions made as to home buyer status, house price purchased, length of conventional mortgage period, State, and future interest rate assumptions. Actual results may vary from person to person and property to property and as economic and property market conditions change over time. Buyers should review their specific contract terms and pricing and seek independent professional advice having regard to their own personal circumstances. A solicitor’s certificate is generally required, to ensure that you understand the features, benefits, rights, obligations and risks associated with using our products.

[5] A second independent building surveyor’s report commissioned by HRL at the Assquire investor’s cost is completed towards the end of year 5 of occupancy. See contracts (which you will receive during the Assquire application process) for details.

Go here to understand how MA works and how you can buy a home from an Assquire® investor and start enjoying the lifestyle benefits that typically go with home ownership.

ASSQUIRE® Grant Reduces Your End Purchase Price on Settlement (*see note below) and Reduces Your Future Mortgage Starting Point:

There are important social benefits to MA generally – whether first time buyers or not – in getting qualifying applicants into their homes sooner and with less risk to these home buyers – who typically struggle with the time required to save the deposit that Assquire® investors already have.

See separate page on this website explaining the specially designed Assquire® “grant” of approximately $16,000 to $55,000 for a $400,000 to $500,000 home (different amounts apply at other price points).

* Embedded in purchase price agreed up front and not a separate cash grant.