The Smarter Way to Buy Your First Home.

Getting a competitive investment return for your savings or in the self managed superannuation market is getting increasingly difficult in this low interest, low growth environment.


Personal Assquire® Contracts (PACs) are a new way, using the Assquire® business management system, to assist residential property investors to recession proof their residential property investment returns.

Using Assquire® contracts to license and sell residential properties to Mortgage Alternative customers, investors gain higher investment returns and accelerated cash flows – indicative total returns (yield plus capital growth) are projected as a guide of around average 9% pa (inclusive of their pre-agreed share of future capital growth) after all fees in lieu of the usual net 1.5 to 4% p.a. rent from a residential lease plus the future dated capital gains on sale.

Note: Returns could be lower than this guide, as returns vary from property to property and investor to investor and are an average only. Whilst the gross investment returns are contracted revenues, many factors can influence net returns, including changes in regulation, interest rates and general economic circumstances, as well as the maintenance profile of a specific property and whether an MA buyer meets their contractual obligations or not.

Higher and accelerated returns may be earned by Assquire® investors in return for sharing/trading uncertain future capital growth on the property and providing certain “Take Back” or guaranteed (but limited) exit rights to the buyer (the MA home buyer – but with all or part of the home buyer’s 4.5% to 5% deposit/cash contribution AND all capital growth on the property to date at risk of forfeiture if they do).