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Assquire enables residential property investors with a minimum 25% equity* in their investment property to incubate credit worthy home buyers into a new or established home, with lower entry fees and no mortgage insurance up front.

*20% minimum for Assquire Family.


As one senior mortgage broker described it, it’s a game changer for the mortgage broking industry. It’s also a game changer for the real estate industry!

Vendors can sell their properties as per usual or place listings on and selling their properties to Assquire investors on short settlement. Alternatively, existing landlords can convert to Assquire to sell their property to a motivated Mortgage Alternative (MA) buyer, with settlement in up to ten years.

Real estate sales agents wanting to see how Assquire can be used as their new sales tool to help them close the gap between their vendor’s expectations and the price an investor buyer is willing to pay can look at this LinkedIn post published by Assquire’s Founder which gives a real life example.

Together, Assquire and Mortgage Alternative provide vendors, builders, developers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others with a whole new channel of buyers, ready to purchase a residential property.

Are you a builder or property developer?

The deposit gap is recognised by builders and developers as a key issue limiting their sales volumes, because of its impact on buyer home affordability. But with MA’s lower deposit, buyers can afford more, bringing more buyers to vendors’ properties.

Assquire investors are seeking new and off the plan properties (or additional established homes) that they can buy and then sell and lease to MA buyers.  With such demand, builders are not only listing individual properties, but also complete stages of developments.

Recent media can be found here.

To list your properties for sale, you need to register your details and obtain a Developer ID. More information can be found here.

If you are a project marketer wishing to list your clients’ properties, please register here.

How can real estate agents get involved?

Become an Assquire licenced agency and reap the benefits! Assquire not only provides your investor clients with a unique way to usually double their residential property net yields, but provides you with a new channel of buyers for your vendors’ properties.

As an agent, you receive commission from the vendor of a property sold to an Assquire investor, at settlement in the usual way. This is a conventional transaction not directly involving Assquire, so there is no extended settlement.

You also benefit from up to TEN years’ property management. Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) manages the monthly receipt of deposits for up to ten years, whilst Assquire licenced agencies collect rents and organise maintenance as per usual.

Recent media can be found here.

To register your agency and start listing vendor properties for sale, click here.



Benefits for mortgage brokers


Assquire doesn’t replace the mortgage. It simply incubates MA buyers to a conventional mortgage, more safely, at the end of the settlement period. This provides mortgage brokers with two opportunities to earn referral fees/commission – one from placing investors seeking higher, faster returns into Assquire; the other from MA home buyers where there is no mortgage prior to settlement, but a substitute broking commission is paid by Assquire.


Brokers utilising Assquire earn these commissions from Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) for assisting their clients to complete one of the two online application forms on this website. It is a “tag and refer” system. An explainer video and marketing collateral is available to assist you to keep the conversation simple and to highlight the key features and benefits to your clients.


This LinkedIn post by Assquire’s Founder shows how Assquire can be used to bring investors back into the market in 2019.


Information sessions are also run to draw more client prospects and opportunity to your door.


Commissions paid for investors are 0.15% of 100% of Agreed Value between the Assquire investor and MA buyer. As the bank or other lender is already paying the broker for the investor’s mortgage, this is in addition to that. Commission paid by HRL for MA buyers is 0.8% of a notional mortgage of 75% of Agreed Value.


Full terms and conditions for joining an Assquire mortgage broker panel are provided upon application, so apply today.


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