A new era in property investment and home buying


Attention all investors and home buyers!
Property investment wasn’t meant to be about low net rent and uncertain future capital growth for landlords.


So we’re changing the game for parents and residential property investors.


Reason:  to genuinely help their children and other people’s children into their dream home
– whether as renters or mortgage holders wanting to trade up.


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Achieve higher property yields

Up to 40-60% higher monthly cash flows after all management fees.

Example: $500 pw for a $350,000 rental compared to $350 pw.

You trade capital growth over 1.5% pa for this certain monthly cash flow over up to ten years.


Accelerate your cash flow

Invest in more (or more valuable) investment properties or utilise your faster returns for more pressing needs


More stable predictable returns

Future proof your investment returns against possible down turns


Less vacancy risk

Long term tenancies up to ten years + no rental gaps 

We’re very proud of the fact that 11% of our real estate agency’s profits go to a Foundation for the Homeless.


Click on this LinkedIn video our Founder published earlier this year to see what business we are in.


Great way to help young home buyers to get a foot on the property ladder.

Far safer for the home buyer you lease to and sell to, with an extended settlement, than them taking the risks of a mortgage and high leverage, when their equity in the property is low.

See the graphic below for why Mortgage Alternative (MA) often suits a home buyer better than risking a mortgage commitment, when their equity in the property is low.

MA gives them earlier access to where they really want to live and you feel good about facilitating that, with along term quality tenant and no vacancies.

The smarter way to invest

Whether you currently own an investment property or are looking to purchase one, Assquire offers a new way to gain accelerated and higher yields from residential property investment.

For short 4 minute video explaining what Assquire investing is and why we created it to help Mortgage Alternative home buyers overcome the deposit gap caused by high up front costs, go here or see our media page.

For a more comprehensive video, go here

How does it work?

The graphic immediately below shows how an Assquire investor selects an investment property, buys it conventionally and then appoints our real estate agency to re-sell and lease the property with an extended settlement period that still feels like you are renting the property. Put simply, it’s an alternative funding model for real estate (via Assquire investors) that delivers you higher, faster returns and gets young people (we call them Mortgage Alternative home buyers) into a home much faster. You remain on title until settlement and they have security interests to protect their rights.


You can also switch current rental properties over at the end of your lease.


In essence, an Assquire Investor sells their investment property now to an owner occupier at a pre-agreed price. The seller remains on title until settlement in up to ten years, with the buyer’s interest secured by a registered lease and other security.


In return for the long settlements, investors receive accelerated higher monthly rents plus monthly deposit payments until settlement. This is in exchange for the eventual capital growth (over a pre-agreed contract price) they may have received on the sale of their property, had they rented then sold the property in the future.


For example, in the case of first home buyers, Assquire investors trade capital growth over 1.5% pa for the higher, certain monthly cash flow over up to ten years.


Example: Around $500 pw for a $350,000 rental compared to $350 pw if you had rented the property conventionally.


It’s a great way to future proof your investment returns against possible down turns and be up to 30% better off than conventional landlords!


For investor case studies, go here (for results of 27 different scenarios) or here.


How does it compare?

Just like renting your property traditionally to tenants, standard property reporting systems and trust account audits are in place to handle your rental and deposit statements. So that won’t seem any different if you are already renting out your property.

Superior property maintenance is also handled for you.

The biggest difference is having a long term tenant of up to ten years, who has a vested interest in the property. They will be more inclined to keep it in great condition and you’ll have NO rental gaps between tenants.

That means stable, accelerated, more certain and higher monthly cash flows for you.

Assquire investing is open to landlords or Mum and Dad investors on single investment properties as well as syndicates and pooled funds managed for Institutional investors.

To see how Assquire “cracks the nut” to deliver uniquely high monthly returns to institutional investors that can deliver thousands of young Australians into home ownership more safely, go here.

For buyers, it means enjoying home ownership sooner and entering the property market more safely, without any of the typical mortgage worries or upfront mortgage costs like mortgage insurance. Just 4.5 – 5% up front (inclusive of any stamp duty) and they can elect to settle early.

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How do I get Started as an Assquire Investor?

Investors who qualify with a minimum 20% equity for the property they wish to buy to use with Assquire can apply at http://assquire.com.au/aap just as those who already own a rental property they wish to switch to Assquire can.

We credit assess the investor as part of the process and, if they already have a property in mind, we assess their property also.

If they prefer to fund a property that a Mortgage Alternative buyer wishes to buy from them, the credit assessment approval of the investor in advance (especially if they already have their lender’s finance approval to a set maximum purchase price) speeds up the matching of the investor with the buyer who pays these returns to the Assquire investor.

The investor and we can then assess the suitability of the property for them to purchase, as part of the Assquire application process, so that it can be on-sold and leased to the Mortgage Alternative home buyer.

Effectively, two back to back sales in that instance.

With the halving of home buyer deposits under Mortgage Alternative and far greater access and choices they get to properties, we don’t expect the match to take long, once the investor is in place.

Whether you currently own an investment property or are looking to purchase one, Assquire offers a new way to gain accelerated, contracted and higher yields from residential property investment. 

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