A new era in property investment

Property investment wasn’t meant to be about low net rents and uncertain future capital growth.
So we’re changing the game.

Achieve higher property yields

Up to 40-60% higher monthly cash flows after all management fees


Less vacancy risk

Long term tenancies up to ten years + no rental gaps 


More stable predictable returns

Future proof your investment returns against possible down turns


Accelerate your cash flow

Invest in more (or more valuable) investment properties or utilise your faster returns for more pressing needs

The smarter way to invest

Whether you currently own an investment property or are looking to purchase one, Assquire offers a new way to gain accelerated and higher yields from residential property investment.

For short 4 minute video explaining what Assquire investing is and why we created it to help Mortgage Alternative home buyers overcome the deposit gap caused by high up front costs, go here or see our media page.

For a more comprehensive video, go here.

How does it work? In essence, an Assquire Investor sells their investment property now to an owner occupier at a pre-agreed price. The seller remains on title until settlement in up to ten years, with the buyer’s interest secured by a registered lease and other security.

In return for the long settlements, investors receive accelerated higher monthly rents plus monthly deposit payments until settlement. This is in exchange for the eventual capital growth (over a pre-agreed contract price) they may have received on the sale of their property, had they rented then sold the property in the future.

It’s a great way to future proof your investment returns against possible down turns and be up to 30% better off than conventional landlords!

For investor case studies, go here (for results of 27 different scenarios) or here.

How does it compare?

Just like renting your property traditionally to tenants, standard property reporting systems and trust account audits are in place to handle your rental and deposit statements. So that won’t seem any different if you are already renting out your property.

Superior property maintenance is also handled for you.

The biggest difference is having a long term tenant of up to ten years, who has a vested interest in the property. They will be more inclined to keep it in great condition and you’ll have NO rental gaps between tenants.

That means stable, accelerated, more certain and higher monthly cash flows for you.

Assquire investing is open to landlords or Mum and Dad investors on single investment properties as well as syndicates and pooled funds managed for Institutional investors.

To see how Assquire “cracks the nut” to deliver uniquely high monthly returns to institutional investors that can deliver thousands of young Australians into home ownership more safely, go here.

For buyers, it means enjoying home ownership sooner and entering the property market more safely, without any of the typical mortgage worries or upfront mortgage costs like mortgage insurance. Just 4.5 – 5% up front (inclusive of any stamp duty) and they can elect to settle early.

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