Are You A Current Landlord? You Can Apply!

Current landlords can apply to Haigslea Residential directly to be licensed to use Assquire® and become an Assquire® investor by applying at

You do not need to apply via a real estate agency, although you may do so, if that agency have been accredited and licenced to use the Assquire® system. If not, we can put you in touch with an accredited agency.

You should seek tax advice, because of the indexation of the sale price involved with the use of Assquire® and MA, and because of the unique special conditions in the Purchase Contract, associated legal documentation and Assquire licence.

A solicitor’s certificate is usually required to ensure that your rights, obligations and risks have been explained to you prior to you entering into any legally binding contract to purchase or sell a home.

During the application process, you or your adviser will be able to check out the Investor accelerated yield tables (for different taxable incomes, growth rates and property values) that we provide to facilitate comparison to conventional renting yields and retaining all capital growth on ultimate sale.

These are a general guide only and may change with future pricing or product design changes or with changes in general market or economic conditions.

 Existing properties held by landlords for some time may have a lower cost base for tax to the investor, increasing any tax liability on Assquiring in the year the contract with the MA buyer is executed, and reducing the investor’s projected yield – the allowance of up to 5% borrowing for CGT ensures that many properties held for some years will still be eligible for use with Assquire®.

 The products are a little complex to understand at first, and not all properties may be suitable to the Assquire system, so you are best speaking with your accountant, legal or financial adviser, and our team are happy to explain the underlying financial modelling and base case assumptions and variables to your independent adviser, to assist them to independently assess your position and that of your particular investment property.

Just because the system does not work well on one particular investment property does not mean it won’t work well on another.

The criteria we like to see to enable properties to be suitable for the Assquire® system can be supplied during the application process.