What is the Assquire® Grant?

No one has a crystal ball on what will happen to mortgage interest rates over the next ten years, but on very reasonable projections, a special Assquire® grant + MA combine to deliver a mortgage up to $20,000 to $30,000 lower in 8-10 years than if you had just met your normal mortgage repayments each month – and assuming your settle at the end of ten years with a traditional mortgage at that time.

Individual cases vary based on different assumptions made as to home buyer status, house price purchased, length of conventional mortgage period, State, and future interest rate assumptions. Actual results may vary from person to person and property to property and as economic and property market conditions change over time. Buyers should review their specific contract terms and pricing and seek independent professional advice having regard to their own personal circumstances. A solicitor’s certificate is generally required, to ensure that you understand the features, benefits, rights, obligations and risks associated with using our products.

Let's Get Into A little More Detail

ASSQUIRE® Grant Reduces A Mortgage Alternative Home Buyer’s End Purchase Price on Settlement and Reduces Their Future Mortgage Starting Point:

There are important social benefits to Mortgage Alternative (MA) generally – whether first time buyers or not – in getting qualifying MA home buyer applicants into their homes sooner – home buyers who typically struggle with the time required to save the deposit that Assquire® investors already have.

With MA, an additional and specially designed Assquire® “grant” of approximately $16,000 to $54,000 for a $400,000 to $500,000 home (see table below – current as at June 2017 but subject to change in future if product design and/or pricing changes) is provided by the Assquire® investor – by being embedded into the pre-agreed contract price for first time buyers, compared to non-first home buyers, in circumstances where compound annual growth exceeds 4.5%, and delivered therefore on settlement at the end of the MA period (up to ten years settlement is allowed)[1]. That is, the grant is built into the pre-agreed settlement price and is only provided to an MA Buyer if they settle their Purchase Contract. It becomes a contract term, agreed up front and is legally binding.

ASSQUIRE® Grant Reduces Your End Purchase Price on Settlement and Reduces Your Future Mortgage Starting Point:

There are important social benefits to MA generally – whether first time buyers or not – in getting qualifying applicants into their homes sooner – home buyers who typically struggle with the time required to save the deposit that Assquire® investors already have.

The Assquire® Grant is an additional feature of MA only available to first time home MA Buyers (who otherwise would or may qualify for the Queensland State Government Great Start Grant – and whether they apply for the State Government Grant or not[2]) to entice these particular applicants to take Mortgage Alternative over a conventional mortgage in greater numbers and to create a larger investment pool for Assquire® investors than just non-first home buyers.

By designing the Assquire® system in this way, there is an added and complementary social and community benefit, to the benefits of MA generally available to other buyers looking to buy and trade up or downsize for whatever reason – relationship breakdown; recovering from a previous financial set-back etc.

The Assquire Grant is embedded in the pre-agreed Purchase Price and is not a separate cash grant

Moreover, as Assquire® investors receive most of their return from the contracted monthly stable, predictable yield[3] and not from future capital growth in the Assquire® property –  future growth (if any) may predominantly go to the MA buyer in return for providing the Assquire® investor with the higher monthly income – it gives MA buyers a great[4] opportunity to accumulate an even higher and substantial deposit (over and beyond the 10% allowed for in their monthly deposit increments and initial deposit) over up to ten years, with more (but not total) downside risk protection. Depending on future residential property prices, an MA buyer gaining most of the future capital growth (if any) may even be able to settle with a conventional mortgage and a 14%+ deposit much earlier, possibly even after the end of six years![5]


[1] It is strongly argued that by providing an Assquire® grant only on extended settlement in up to ten years time, as opposed to State Government Grants on settlement in the year of contract, an Assquire® contract is better designed to assist first time buyers, WITHOUT contributing to rising house prices.

[2] It is understood that MA buyers may qualify for the State Government Grant at settlement, if they apply within the legislated period after date of contract. Further legal advice should be sought by applicants to confirm this, and what will happen to the State Government Grant application in circumstances where actual end settlement in up to ten years does not arise, for whatever reason – Take Back rights are covered in the MA contract suite.

[3] Around projected average 7% to 7.5% pa net to an individual residential property investor owner over a ten year period is possible, paid monthly to the Assquire® investor. Results vary with interest rates, gearing, time of contract, individual property expenses and whether MA buyer defaults, but gross rents are contracted. Mortgage Alternative Residential Fund investors may have slightly lower projected returns because of the additional costs involved in pooled investment management.

[4] And safer opportunity, whilst their equity in the property is low.

[5] Based on financial modeling and pricing as at January 2017, an Assquire® investor only receives about one quarter of a First Home Buyer’s (FHB) capital growth if a property increases in value by average 5% pa and the MA buyer settles early during year 7 with a 20%+ deposit (avoiding LMI). For a non-FHB (who does not receive the Assquire® Grant), the Assquire® investor receives up to one third of that growth, on the same assumptions. These statistics are subject to change with future pricing, product design or economic conditions.

Your parents or grandparents could even set you up by being the Assquire investor to you, as an MA buyer! What a great idea!

It is a third new way – rent or mortgage are the two old ways, so if you are an investor relative, get with the program and apply now at http://assquire.com.au/aap , or http://assquire.com.au/bap if you wish to become an MA home buyer!

Mortgage Alternative (MA) is a new product which the credit worthy, above median income occupant/purchaser may elect to use in future to get a foot on the property ladder with no debt, for a lower deposit and without mortgage insurance. You may even be able to potentially use your super fund’s life insurance and total and permanent disablement insurance to help protect your loved ones from your own mishap, in combination with MA, if that insurance is sufficient to meet your settlement obligations. Seek advice.

MA is a pre-mortgage alternative purchasing method. The details of MA and how it works for occupant purchasers who purchase and occupy properties (with the protections of the Residential Tenancies or equivalent legislation) can be explained to you on application and by your own independent adviser.

Key product features of MA are explained in bold above and below. A simplified description of the Mortgage Alternative/Assquire process can be located at http://assquire.com.au/bap.